Life can get in the way sometimes. We hope to see you another time!

To cancel your registration and apply for a refund, use the form at the bottom of this page.

Public Camps and Retreat Refund Schedule

By direction of the board of Yellowstone Bible Camp, the following policy will govern refunds for campers who cancel reservations at any of our camps.

Refund requested…Amount Refunded
…more than 90 days before registered camp session80% of registration fee
…30-90 days before registered camp session50% of registration fee
…within 30 days of registered camp sessionno refund

Private Reunions and Events

If you have booked the Yellowstone Bible Camp as a venue for your private event and need to cancel, your deposit will be refunded according to the following schedule. More details on cancellation of private events.

Refund requested …Amount Refunded
…by May 31st of the year prior to your event100% of deposit
…by November 30th of the year prior to your event50% of deposit
after November 30th of the year prior to your eventno refund

Cancellation Form

Once approved by YBC, a partial refund (according to the schedule above) will be issued to the card you used to register for the camp.

If you are cancelling for more than yourself, please list their names here.